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In this section we offer you a small exhibition of some heraldic coats of arms that belonged to ancient noble families.

They have been renovated and are now in excellent condition.

They are ready to be purchased by those who appreciate the history that lies within them.

A very ancient history, which makes Italy so peculiar compared to other countries.

Italian heraldry, in fact, is rich in coats of arms and characterizes our historical heritage.

The coats of arms of the families are born for a pragmatic reason.

In a society divided into castes but generally illiterate, the problem arises of communicating one’s origin and one’s belonging.

From this problem arises a complex system of images and colors, whose knowledge is quite widespread. Each house, guild, house, order or other type of organization is identifiable through this symbolic language.

To facilitate this recognition, the names of the organizations often refer to the symbols, just think of the names of the families.

The intertwining of symbols also identifies relationships between the various organizations.

The Brick and Stone staff has recovered ancient heralds from noble Tuscan palaces and restored them to their original splendor.

They are collectibles for fans of this form of art.

They can also be used to beautify the exterior facade of your home.

Imagine the scenic effect that one of our white Carrara marble coats of arms would have.

Or still try to imagine one of our marble busts in plain view in your living room.

It would certainly give an extra touch of elegance.

It would bring a tone of reverence and centuries-old tradition to your home.