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The columns are the metaphor of the union between functionality and aesthetic decoration.

They are in fact load-bearing elements in an architectural structure.

At the same time, they adorn the whole immediately.

Their structural grandeur attracts the viewer’s gaze, but they do not convey a sense of heaviness.

On the contrary, they enchant the imagination of the observer.

The minds, especially the most sensitive ones, scrutinize the capitals, the friezes, the grooves of the stem and the different decorations.

You are amazed, every time, thinking about the complex work of those who built them.

The importance of the columns is also documented by the attention that the artists have paid to them.

Indeed, the ancient Greeks created three architectural orders, each of which has well-defined formal characteristics, generally recognizable by the type of column, the capital and the entablature: the Doric, the Ionic and the Corinthian.

It was the Roman architect Vitruvius Pollione (1st century BC) who studied and handed down the characteristics of the architectural orders.

Some columns that we recovered supported, in antiquity, arcades of Tuscan noble villas.

The latter are excellent for being reused in the same way or, alternatively, to transform your garden into an even more special place.

You could create a canopy or a gazebo, to make every moment spent in the open air suggestive.

Or you could enrich an interior environment, such as your living room.

Stone and Brick is not just about columns.

In this category of products you can also find pillars in various materials, very suitable for indoor or outdoor furniture.

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