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Brick and Stone has a large amount of recovery coverings.

These are Tuscan coverings, made in earthenware.

In our warehouse they are available for all tastes.

There are, in fact, various measures depending on tastes and needs, and of various eras (from the 1600s to the end of the 1800s).

Traditionally, Tuscan homes were protected by these earthenware tiles.

There are two types:

the flat tile (embrice or Roman tile) and the roof tile, with a protruding shape.

Many collect and use these artifacts as a piece of furniture.

The tiles are among the most humble and simply beautiful objects ever.

They can be used to repair roofs, as they were also used in the past.

Some also delight in using them as bases for painting.

The squares that result from this use are really pretty.

If you choose our earthenware roofing, you will recreate an atmosphere with bright rustic tones.

You will bring to light the close relationship between countryside and man who is in Tuscany especially.