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There is nothing more beautiful than an ancient portal.

All civilizations before us have spent much time studying their structure.

The aim was to make the portals solid and long lasting.

At the same time they had to be aesthetic, they had to communicate a message to those who were about to enter a certain place.

If the arch was placed at the entrance of a city, for example, it had to depict its talents.

It had to be solid, massive, to represent strength.

Some are finished in detail and very decorative, to anticipate and celebrate the beauty of the place.

Still others are essential and minimalist, but still beautifully crafted.

The ancient portals could take two forms: rectangular or arched.

It is not possible to date exactly the birth of the arch, but it can be safely said that this invention completely revolutionized architecture.

In the Middle Ages the use of the bow spread.

This technique was resumed and subsequently renewed by Gothic architecture, in view of more complex static-construction needs.

The notoriety of the arch in the past has left many traces.

Portal specimens have come down to us that conserve their vital energy.

They manage to communicate all the passion and talent of their builders.

That’s why we offer them to you as a piece of furniture for indoors and outdoors.