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In the fixtures category you will find everything you need regarding gates, windows, portals, thresholds and architraves.

These are all elements that you have to pay attention.

You will need top quality products, because of the importance of them for your home.

Brick and Stone combines the guarantee of quality with the beauty of these elements.

Immerse yourself in past eras in search of the frame you are looking for.

Are you looking for a gate?

Do not settle for an anonymous one and buy a gate that can make your home particular and fascinating.

Choose for your furniture among the wide range of products that the site offers you.

Splendid floors, windows that echo the serenity of times past and much more await you.

Majestic portals will lead you to a world of inimitable class.

You will have at your disposal the thresholds that have been recovered from noble palaces and that have welcomed characters from past times.

Who knows how many anecdotes our lintels could tell us, if only they could speak!

It is truly amazing to think about all this.

Today you too can become part of this reality.