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In this category you will find period balconies and terraces. By purchasing these products you will have the guarantee of the quality and value of these balconies and, at the same time, the satisfaction of having pieces of unique manufacture. The beauty of these terraces will amaze you and anyone who sees them. The charm of the balconies, already enthralling in itself, is even more amplified by the fact that our balconies and terraces are ancient. You have the ability to look outward in the same way our ancestors did long ago. An exciting and exciting dive into the past. It is surprising to think how, simply by looking out onto a terrace or balcony, it is possible to recall a gesture that in the past belonged to other people and other lives. Our balconies still echo, in their deepest being, the experience they carry within themselves. It also fascinates the thought that they once allowed us to enjoy landscapes that have totally changed over the years. Like a sort of temporal portals, the ancient balconies make us relive lost moments.