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We have a large assortment of majolica, only for the most refined.

It is recommended for elegant finishes in bathrooms and kitchens.

You can also use them as a wall covering or as a flooring.

This type of coating is ceramic coated with enamel used to make artistic products.

Their origins are ancient.

In our country they spread especially in the Middle Ages thanks to the influence of Muslim potters who in Spain created a kind of painted majolica.

The Italian city that constituted the major majolica production center was Faenza.

In ancient times, however, the term majolica referred to the polished pottery brought to Italy from the city of Majorca.

Fundamental is the decoration of the objects that are usually painted with special colors and then be annealed.

Peculiar were the processing stages of the majolica.

At first the modeling of the clay took place on a wheel or on a special mold and then its firing.

The obtained mixture was then immersed in a colorless varnish which, once dried, gave the opportunity to decorate and paint the result.

Once this was done, we proceeded with the further firing with which to fix the paint (no retouching was possible anymore).

The ancient majolica tiles are fascinating and hypnotic.

Each has a different design than the perfect execution.

The colors of our products will flood your home with joy and refinement.

You just have to choose what you like best!