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We have reached the section of the bathtubs.

Among other things, here you will find ancient sandstone drinking troughs for animals.

They come from ancient Tuscan farmhouses, which can be traced back to the second half of the 19th century.

They are mainly reused to recreate fountains in the garden, to put blooms there, or inside as furnishings.

Perfect for those who want to create a slightly rustic atmosphere, but without falling into the banal.

More sophisticated and elegant are the tubs with Carrara white marble border.

In ancient times they were used as fountains that framed beautiful water features.

Today they can also be converted into furnishing components, to give a decorative touch to indoor and outdoor environments.

For lovers of antiques there are also bathtubs made entirely of white marble.

They are all in excellent condition and are wonderful creatures of human genius.

Hammers and chisels from the 1800s, combined with expert and skilled hands, brought to light, chisel by chisel, artifacts of exceptional beauty.

These bathtubs were conceived starting from a single block of marble. A truly amazing thing!

Obviously, the manufacturing material does not end only in marble.

There are also sandstone, granite, cast iron tanks.

Each piece is unique in its kind, especially if you take into account the tiring work behind it.

Brick and Stone has a wide range of tanks of various sizes and shapes, to give the customer the greatest possible choice.

You can put them in your garden to provide it with a sink, a fountain or simply a water point.

Obviously these are just some tips we give you.

You are yourself the true demiurge of your home environment.

Free your imagination and amaze your acquaintances with daring combinations!