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Chairs and tables are fundamental elements to complete a decor.

Let’s think of a house or a garden without them … Impossible!

That’s why Brick and Stone includes these functional and very important products in its catalog.

Here you can find recovery products from various eras.

They are all products of excellent quality and in perfect condition.

By visiting our site in this section you will notice the vastness of types, shapes and sizes of our articles.

You will discover a world, perhaps you already knew, of products to choose your favorites from.

We have selected for you only the best that past eras have left us.

You can put them in the house, or in the garden. You can arrange them in your furniture, since their style adapts in a flexible and flexible way to any type of furniture.

Do you think that chairs and tables are simple everyday objects, commonplace and discounted? You will definitely change your mind after visiting our product catalog!