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Sculpture is the art of working objects that have relief and volume.

The sculptural technique, in fact, is that complex of intellectual, manual and instrumental actions that act on the raw material, organize it and work it to create shapes that have three dimensions.

The statues are the result of an ancient figurative art, even dating back to the Paleolithic.

Statuettes depicting female bodies have come down to our days.

The first human sculptures were therefore dedicated to women, with voluptuous and exuberant forms.

These are the so-called “Venus” of the Palaeolithic, and most likely played a sacred function in celebration of fertility.

They are one of the first attempts to objectify and reproduce the surrounding reality.

Since then, man has never stopped carving statues.

The Italians, also in this artistic field, have distinguished themselves for their skill and for their aesthetic taste.

Suffice it to mention only some excellent sculptors, such as Michelangelo Buonarroti, Antonio Canova, Donatello, Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Their works are admired all over the world and have become a source of immortal pride for our national history.

By choosing one of our statues, you will pay homage to this thousand-year-old all-Italian tradition.

Not to mention the effect that a sculpture will have in your garden or salon.

Bewitching, enchanting, hypnotic … A whole vocabulary would not be enough to describe the beauty of the statues recovered by our company.

Some statues are in ancient earthenware, others are made of stone.

The subjects depicted are varied, but all equally interesting.

The sandstone sculpture that depicts the sculpted body of a warrior alongside the statue of a woman, dating back to the 30/40 years.

The warrior’s hard and decisive lines stand out in contrast to the gentle and sinuous curves of the woman, which fits with an interior or a garden.