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In this section (Various) you can find very rare antique pieces of their kind.

It is worth pausing here even after completing any purchases.

You might be amazed by the products we make available for you!

Let’s start with some items of furniture for your home.

Earthenware chimney pots suitable for fireplaces or vents.

After visiting the section of our fireplaces, you can stop here to combine a chimney.

Always for the home we find antique chairs and lamps, pieces that cannot be missing in your furniture.

There are also iron stools.

Finally, a 60s manhole cover, decorated with a geometric pattern reminiscent of a spider web.

The very curious motif makes this manhole cover suitable for becoming a piece of furniture.

In excellent condition, difficult to find like this.

We also find some very particular and cheerful objects, which make us take a dip in our playful past.

An old game that belonged to an amusement park.

It is a scooter, sidecar type.

Chopper bike, 70s.

Vaguely remember a motorcycle.

Very difficult to find them with the original chrome and paint.

Old Walt Disney puppets, 1962/1970.

In excellent condition, so much so that the brand has also been very well preserved.

They are truly unobtainable pieces and will make you relive the most nostalgic memories of your childhood.

Riding on this wave that takes us back to the past, we also find an old rocking chair as a child.

It is made entirely of wrought iron and despite being from 1930, it is in excellent condition.

You can use it for your garden.

Add a pinch of funniness to the decor and make it even more special!