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The vases are absolutely that element that amplifies the natural beauty of a plant.

The choice of the base of floral wonders is never left to chance.

In contrast to the simplicity and purity of a plant, you can choose a more elaborate vase or bowl, more elaborate.

In short, the vase is never just a simple container.

Indeed, it contributes in a complementary way to the overall result.

But not only.

The vases and bowls are also works that can best enhance the interior furnishings of a home.

After all this is a trend now established in the world of interior design.

This is precisely because the vases have unlimited decorative potential.

In short, they really make a difference.

They immediately communicate a sense of environment with attention to detail, precision and order.

Once you have chosen the vases or bowls that best suit you, you can place them at your choice.

In the garden, at the base of a staircase, to decorate it.

Or even arrange them along the surrounding wall that surrounds your home, to disseminate ornamental spots.

In addition, you can have fun choosing the vase that best suits the physiognomy of the surrounding space.

For example, a very decorated garden balances itself with the sobriety of an authentic recycled earthenware vase.

Even a small stone bowl follows, with its circular and soft configuration, the gentle lines of parks and exteriors.

If what you are looking for is a more geometric and regular shape, the 1930s run to your aid and offer you rectangular vases.

They are entirely of earthenware and of magnificent workmanship.

They are available in different sizes and in different sizes.

What are you waiting for? Run to find your vase!