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Like fountains, wells are also structures that demonstrate human ability to manipulate the surrounding environment for its purposes.

Wells accompany man throughout his journey and are a fundamental invention for progress.

They supply us with water, but not only.

The well has become a prominent element in popular imagination.

Many fairy tales tint their scenarios and settings by talking about magical wells, enchanted.

The wishing well (or, alternatively, the wishing fountain) is a type of well, present in European folklore, which would make the wishes expressed within it come true. This tradition probably originates from the idea that water is the home of divinity or, in any case, a gift from the gods.

Some stories, on the other hand, see a darker facet in the wells.

The dark depth evokes a feeling of the unknown, which frightens but at the same time fascinates and attracts in an irresistible way.

What has been said is even more valid if the wells in question are of archaic origin.

Brick and Stone could not fail to include these magnificent works in its catalog.

You will not be able to resist the ancient beauty of our wells.

Some of them show the signs of aging.

This makes them even more precious, because they transmit their experience to us.

Looking at them, they make us imagine scenes of everyday life of our ancestors: a girl who refreshes the jugs with water for the table. Or an elderly farmer who stops for a bit of refreshment while watering his animals.