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Ancient andirons for antique or modern fireplaces. Either way, a salvaged antique wing makes your fireplace more special.

Contact us at Brick and Stone. We are a company in Ponte Buggianese that has specialized for years in the recovery of ancient materials.

Contact us to buy indoor or outdoor furniture elements with a unique beauty.

Directly from the past you can recover with us Ancient andirons in perfect condition and at an unbeatable price.

Buy online pieces of Italian history, real works of art that contain an entire tradition of Italian blacksmiths and artisans who produced andirons for nobles and bourgeois.

In fact, these are fireplace andirons that we at Brick and Stone have recovered from ancient Tuscan villas or ancient farmhouses in the countryside.

In ancient times as today, the andirons were used inside fireplaces to perform an important function.

The andirons keep the logs of wood raised from the bottom. In this way they allow a better oxygenation and, therefore, a longer duration of the fire itself.

At the same time, the andirons support the structure and position given to the wood. Therefore, they prevent some logs from falling or even coming out of the chimney during combustion.

The Ancient andirons are generically objects made of iron or other metallic material. We have seen their simple but fundamental functionality.

Today you can buy these andirons for your fireplace, whether ancient or modern, not only to increase the comfort of your fireplace.

Thanks to their beauty and their experience, these antique andirons are today priceless pieces.

Decorate your fireplace with one of these andirons to amaze guests and relatives: a salvaged antique andirir can really make a difference inside your fireplace. Make your fireplace the real star of your rooms!

With one of our antique fireplace andirons you will certainly achieve this result: amazement is guaranteed with old recovered materials!