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How is it possible to insert an impact element in your furniture that manages to give a cut of uniqueness and unrepeatability?

We offer you the answer to this question at Brick and Stone, professionals in the sector of recovery of ancient materials.

Our main goal is to provide our customers with our many years of experience to preserve the artistic heritage of our areas.

In this listing we offer you an assorted catalog of sinks (but not only) of ancient manufacture.

In this way, you can furnish your home and garden in an elegant and refined way, with recycled materials.

The catalog shown here does not exhaust our complete asset. For this reason we remain at your disposal for more information and other interesting proposals.

By consulting our site, you will have at your disposal products of guaranteed quality and authenticity: sinks, washbasins, stoups, tubs and so on.

Each of these pieces of recovery is of inestimable value and brings with it a fragment of 100% Italian history.

In fact, these are elements of furniture recovered from city buildings, ancient peasant farmhouses, majestic stately villas, mainly in the Florentine and Lucchese areas of Tuscany.

The manufacturing materials are of local origin, and this increases their value, because of the prevalent use of stones from other countries and continents today.

They range from the famous white Carrara marble to pietra serena, from sandstone to the ancient one of Guamo.

The historical periodization of the individual products is very vast: from the first decades of the 1500s to the first half of the 1900s.

The sinks in question are also in an excellent state of conservation, except for some signs of wear and tear over time.

This testifies to the historical experience of the object and communicates a sense of reference to our roots, to our cultural heritage, to our priceless artistic heritage that is also revealed in these artifacts for domestic use.

On our site you will find numerous items, all equally valid to be placed in a kitchen today, or in a bathroom, on a terrace or in a garden where you want to combine functionality with the sweetness of classic lines.

Because you know, the classic style never dies.

Indeed, it adapts instantly to the rest of the set in which it is inserted, adding a note of luxury and a marked aesthetic taste but, at the same time, also of simple elegance.