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Floors in a home can really make a difference.

The floor alone gives a clear and decisive impression to all the furnishings.

Those who want to recreate a decisive style at home will find a valid ally in this section.

Let’s start with earthenware.

The ancient earthenware flooring is a Tuscan classic that never dies.

earthenware manages to infuse an atmosphere of warmth.

The particular complexion will be an excellent background from which to decorate your home in a characteristic and traditional way.

There are various shapes: from squares to hexagons, all in various sizes.

This type of flooring is suitable for all those who appreciate the ancient style.

You will certainly also like our white tiles with green flower.

White illuminates and the interior design radiates the environment with its liveliness.

For the more eccentric we offer different solutions.

You will find more colorful, more luxurious coverings.

In this way we offer you the widest possible choice.

Grit floors are excellent examples of this variety.

Some tiles are floral-themed.

The impression is that they want to propose, even inside the house, the freshness of a lawn.

Symmetrically arranged flowers and leaves reminiscent of a turf in full spring.

You can recreate a theater of lights in your home where colors are the undisputed protagonists.

The catalog also offers solutions for outdoor flooring.

The reclaimed stone paving stones are solid and of excellent quality.